2019's first whisky of the month - The Deveron 12 Years

Tattersalls Club - Wednesday, February 06, 2019


Thank you to Member Rob Woodford who brought his friend Matthew Swinney along to review our first Whisky Club tipple for 2019 - The Deveron Highland single malt 12 year old.


Rob’s review:

Colour: Autumn leaves in Connecticut

Nose: Initially searing then rapidly softening

Palate: Fulsome, well balanced with lingering butter

Water: Moderate with water

Finish: Unmistakeable but not overbearing


Matthew’s review:

Colour: An Autumn evening (soft amber)

Nose: Unferocious

Palate: Frontal sparkle but synonymous dive to back of throat

Water: Bulbous, light

Finish: Instant cockle warmer, upward journey


From the distiller:

This was another whisky released in 2015 by John Dewar & Sons as part of their ‘Last Great Malts of Scotland’ campaign. It is a Highland whisky produced at the MacDuff distillery on the eastern shore of the Deveron River. Distilled in pot stills from 100% malted barley, then aged in barrels.



Nose: Sweet baking spice, toffee apples and ginger.

Palate: A core of butterscotch with waxy malt and apple pie.

Finish: Wood spice, vanilla and soft oakiness.

Overall: A new-look core expression for a single malt that's rightly getting more attention.


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