A 70's Staple, the Prawn Cocktail, Re-imagined

Tattersalls Club - Thursday, November 29, 2018


For 30 years the prawn cocktail reigned supreme. While its glamour may have faded, it still has plenty of appeal. The prawn cocktail is hip, and it's back.


There have been many attempts at fancy bars and restaurants to cheer up the prawn cocktail with Thai spices, fennel fronds, chopped tomato and fresh herbs, but Chefs Nate and Danny have stuck with tradition and used a mixture of big meaty prawns and smaller sweet ones for texture and flavour; and at its simplest, the Marie Rose sauce, which is a mix of ketchup and mayonnaise. But Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, lemon juice, brandy and sherry all have their place in this late 20th century classic.


To celebrate the start of summer, Tattersalls Club is bringing you the Prawn Cocktail for the month of December, to be matched with our other cocktail, yes, the alcoholic kind!


Our twisted gin cocktail is a one-way salsa dance into the early hours of the summer morning. The tasty mix of shaken gin, blended with sweet ginger juice, lime and ginger beer is an ideal accompaniment to slate any thirst. Quick and simple - a perfect pick me up under the warmth of the summer sun.


This summer, we found no finer beverage to lift us than our Gin Gin Mule cocktail. With just a handful of ingredients, this is a refreshing drink that evokes summer. Next time you're in the Club, try our December cocktail and raise your glass & nod approval to the sun!


To book in to try our monthly specials, please contact the food and beverage team at or on 9263 9216.





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