An Asian twist for your October specials

Tattersalls Club - Thursday, October 04, 2018


Release your inner 'chee' this spring!


The lychee fruit has an illustrious history that dates back almost a thousand years, and this delectably juicy fruit has long been considered a symbol of both royalty and love in ancient China. For the month of October, Mario has executed a drink to reflect this heritage, the Lychee Martini. This cocktail needs no posh twist nor any addition of bittersweet notes from other fruits; we simply use the classic combination of vodka, Paraiso and fresh lychee juice to make the perfect 'instagrammable' cocktail.


This is the utter drool-worthy accompaniment to our $1 dumplings.


$1 dumplings are your new doughy delights!


The English fancy themselves the kings of dumplings, proud lordlings of a doughy fiefdom. The Suffolk Spartans favour a yeast-free version; in Derbyshire, they add oatmeal, and Dorset dumplings are sometimes known as "doughboys", conceivably because they float in the stock like the buoys around the coast. The word 'dumplings' emerged in the early 1600s but, of course, a name must already have existed for a lump of dough cooked in stock or stew, a recipe that's surely been around as long as bread.


So here at the Club, we thought we'd follow the Norfolks and offer you dumplings - bread dough thrown into a simmering pot: half-boiling and half-steaming, they expand into a slippery and comforting chew.


Enjoy your dumplings for lunch Monday to Friday and Dinner Wednesday to Friday during the month of October, to coincide with the Good Food Month’s Night Noodle Markets over in Hyde Park, all in the comfort of your Members Bar.


To book in to try our monthly specials, please contact the food and beverage team at or on 9263 9216.





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