Canadian Club 20 year old - August Whisky of the Month

Tattersalls Club - Monday, August 19, 2019


This month our events manager Kate has reviewed our latest Whisky Club arrival, Canadian Club 20 year old. You can read her review below. Thanks Kate for your great review!


Not being a whisky connoisseur myself, I thought I would take one for the team and volunteer to taste and review this month’s Whisky Club whisky of the month - the Canadian Club 20 YO Whisky, and to be honest I was very pleasantly surprised!


It’s been so cold these past few days so I wanted to take my whisky tasting journey to the sunshine in Hyde Park and I asked chef Nathan to whip me up a cheese plate to accompany. With the sun shining and the warmth of this delicious whisky, I was in heaven.



Burnt orange toffee. Hues of red, orange and yellow.


Sweet candy, oak, maple and pear.


Vanilla, toffee. Smooth and almost creamy…buttery and mature.


Underlines the rye and opens the flavour. Accentuates the sweetness.


Long and warm, honey with a touch a lemon.


Watch this space for takeaway cheese and antipasto platters to enjoy in Hyde Park coming to Tattersalls Club Members this Spring! We won’t tell if you choose to have some Canadian Club 20 YO Whisky with it…..


Contact Sara on to arrange your Whisky Club Membership.




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