Cotswolds English Single Malt - April's Whisky of the Month

Tattersalls Club - Friday, April 05, 2019


Thank you to Dan and his partner Widya who took the time to review this month's whisky of the month- Cotswolds English single malt.


This is the first single malt whisky ever distilled in the Cotswolds.

Cotswolds Distillery use 100% locally grown, floor-malted barley and mature the whisky in first-fill ex-Bourbon barrels and reconditioned red wine casks. Rich, fruity and sippable.



Dan: Rich, golden

Widya: A bit light- amber/gold



Dan: Sweet- vanilla, chocolate, orange peel

Widya: Sweet note with a vanilla hint



Dan: Light and fruity

Widya: Sweet, light and not oaky – no complex flavour



Dan: Enhances flavour

Widya: Enhances the flavour- more depth and more aromatic



Dan: No bite, chocolate after taste

Widya: Easy to drink, fruity after taste


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