December's Whisky of the Month - Clyde May's

Tattersalls Club - Thursday, November 29, 2018


This month's whisky, Clyde Mays Alabama style whisky, is reviewed by Members Rob and Rick below. Thank you both for your time in being our latest reviewers.



Rob: A thin golden-brown with a suggestion of orange. Takes on a transparent air of amber.

Rick: Tinted orange.



Rob: A sharp cinnamon with a trace of sawdust.

Rick: light caramel aroma.



Rob: A combination of orange, cinnamon and licorice.

Rick: A sweet yet sharp finish with hints of summer fruits and cinnamon.



Rob: Creates a smooth balance whilst retaining the lingering spice.

Rick: Enhances the flavour of the whisky leaving sweet aftertones.



Rob: A short finish. A good whisky for a winters evening.

Rick: A short finish. Suitable for someone looking to try something new.


From the distiller:

Clyde May defines ‘True Grit.’ Born to a single mother shortly before the Great Depression, Clyde was raised in a time and place that required a dose of resilience and character — traits that would become a hallmark of the man and his whiskey.


85 Proof. "The Original" is aged 6 to 7 years in oak barrels and finished with a hint of apple. Great over ice but a solid choice for mixing a cocktail.



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