I'll go to Scotland through this dram while you go anywhere

Tattersalls Club - Thursday, October 03, 2019

With all of the travel we do it can sometimes be nice to find a place that’s a home away from home…or a Club away from the Club. Tattersalls are lucky to have a network of over 70 reciprocal clubs worldwide; Kuala Lumpur? Moscow? Johannesburg? We have you covered! We are endlessly in search of new clubs in faraway places and have recently added new ones in Canada, the US and Scotland. Speaking of Scotland…


Islay is a little island off the South West of Scotland. Beautiful beaches surrounded by mountains, and peat…enough to last 5000 years. In the beginning of summer it is 3 degrees, windy, raining yet somehow inviting, welcoming and warm, much like our October whisky of the month; the Port Askaig 100 proof. This single malt hits you like the fresh breeze as you step off the CalMac ferry onto the north side of Islay, the place where your peated scotch journey truly begins. The saltiness is subtle but enough for you to feel like the onshore winds have sprinkled the ocean over your lips and remind you that summer and beach days are just around the corner. Like most Islay malts, the peat is something that you cannot disregard, but there is just a hint of brown sugar to sweeten that Islay smoke.



Light amber, quite clean


Smokey and a little fruity with a touch of brown sugar sweetness


Peaty (as you would expect) with hints of clove and cinnamon


Softens the punch a little (it is cask strength), personally I don’t think it needed it


Sweet with just a hint of saltiness on the lips


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