"I'm going to show you how great I am" - Muhammad Ali

Tattersalls Club - Friday, November 23, 2018


What’s been happening in the Athletic Department?


Since adding her expertise to the group class time table, Janice has made the boxing class a fun but tough workout; focusing on skill, speed and muscles that you never knew you had. Covering all forms of technique this class is designed to push you to a level that you want, as well as letting out some of the built up frustration!


On the timetable we have:

Boxing Friday afternoon from 12:30, although we encourage Members to get here a little earlier to warm up so you can hit the ground running!


Why get involved in Boxing?

Boxing is an excellent way to improve your fitness. It helps with your coordination as well as building up a strong core.

It is also a great way to rid yourself of that unwanted stress.


Some myths you should not worry about:

1. I’m not Muhammad Ali.

You don’t need to be! All of our classes cater for everyone and every level of experience. With a strong emphasis on technique, we make sure to get the most out of you while making sure you leave feeling better both mentally and physically than when you arrived.

2. I’m not fit enough.

We cater for all fitness levels and types, you can float like a butterfly or choose to sting like a bee; either way we guarantee you a great workout.

3. I’m scared of getting hit.

Although we do partner based workouts there is no chance of you getting hit, we provide catch mits for you to use, as well as providing training techniques to make sure you don’t get hurt.

4. I don’t like fighting.

Boxing isn’t about fighting and is actually one of the most interactive and enjoyable forms of exercise to do on a social level. It’s a fun way to interact with class mates and assist each other in improving, building self-confidence and going harder; learning how to box correctly can also equip you with self-defence skills. Boxing isn’t about having to step into the ring, it’s about educating yourself in a fun environment, the skills learned along the way are a plus, not to mention the incredible shape you will be in having included it in your routine.

5. It’s bad for your brain.

Tips for Beginners:

1. Book a session with our personal trainers who are all punchfit qualified to work on technique and exercise.

2. Come and watch a class, boxing is on Friday afternoon from 12:30 so you can come and have a look if you still are undecided.

3. Buy the gear. If this is something you are going to commit to, we recommend buying a set of wraps and gloves- although we do provide all the equipment needed we do advise that you get your own pair of gloves that are fitted properly.


If you would like to try out a Tattersalls boxing class or book in for a private one on one session please contact the AD team at or on 9263 9212





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