September's Whisky of the Month - Dobson's Old Reliable

Tattersalls Club - Thursday, September 06, 2018


Members Alex and Sean Obern review this month's Whisky: Dobson's Old Reliable Triple Distilled Whisky.


“An Australian whisky with Highlands inspiration, I was first stricken by the alcohol in the nose and my amateur whisky tasting abilities, (at 47% don’t take a straight whiff!). I noticed the colour of warm amber with a sweet floral nose and hints of strawberry. Upon tasting I first noticed the light smokey flavour typical of a Highlands whisky but upon the finish found some sweet chocolate notes with a medium finish. After adding a drop of water, the chocolate became stronger with almost a hint of liquorice and the finish became significantly shorter.”

Alex Obern


“Old Dobson's was a treat with a light caramel taste and a light smokey aftertaste. A little bit of water further enhanced the sweetness. We were both surprised when the bottle was revealed to be from NSW. Great drop!"

Sean Obern


Thank you to Alex and Sean for taking the time to review this month’s whisky!


From the distiller:

Old Reliable is a lighter style triple distilled whisky. At 40% abv it is very lightly peated and aged over French shiraz oak, a very approachable and smooth whisky. This style is easy drinking neat or on the rocks. It is made in small batches and is released every six months or when the gods of oak determine that the required balance of smoothness and flavour has been achieved. Grains used are 'golden promise' and 'bairds peated' malt barley.



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