Swim squad - welcomes all!

Tattersalls Club - Saturday, March 07, 2020

Tattersalls Club staff have a theory...that our beautiful pool has the elixir of youth within!


One of the many benefits of the Tattersalls AD Membership is the opportunity to join the swimming program the Club provides:


Swimming Squad- Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 06:00

Stroke Correction- Wednesday Lunchtime from 12:30 - 14:00

Swimming Races- Tuesday and Thursday from 13:30


The success of these programs is highlighted through the incredible achievements of our Member's in Master's Swimming Championships, ocean swims and many other competitions.


Whether you are a serious swimmer, a swimmer for fitness, or just in it for fun, our Tattersalls Swimmers would love to welcome you.


In addition to swimming the group is very social; meeting for Friday breakfast in the Club, attending our regular 'fin review' breakfasts with special guest speakers, travelling annually to Maui for the channel swim, and supporting each other at local swims.....a great way to meet new like minded friends and be motivated and inspired!






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