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Tattersalls Club - Friday, April 03, 2020


Whisky Club Members are starting to receive a special delivery by post. The Club’s doors may be closed but the Club is very much alive, and April’s Whisky of the Month is coming to you.


Introducing the Gospel Solera Rye Whisky, hailing from Melbourne and matured using a two-storey Solera system. But what is all this hype with this increasingly trendy ageing process? It's all about getting a consistent product that minimises delays between fermentation, where you are drawing half the whisky out of each row of barrels and using it to refill the barrels one row below. So technically, you always have a bit of the original whisky in that bottom row of barrels.


“It was a wonderful surprise and a really nice drop. Smooth and sweet with some nice cinnamon notes.” Jonathon Miller


Now the Club continues to promise to play our part in helping the whisky industry through the tumultuous period that lies ahead, by showcasing the vast array of whiskies from around the world that we have on our shelves, from Japanese to Swedish, and Australian to Indian, and having them delivered to your home.


In 1978, the Scotch Whisky Research Institute, created the first tasting wheel; a wheel consisting of eight whisky flavoured profiles, purely aimed at the industry, and what to look for in a dram. The eight sectors of the wheel are based on two sections: flavours that arise during fermentation and distillation (cereal, fruity, floral, peaty, feinty, sulphury), and flavours from maturation (woody, winey).


To all our Whisky Club Members and anyone else that may want to add a small touch of grain to their isolation, we are now offering the ‘Wheel of Whisky’. Eight half drams of an assortment of whiskies from all around the world to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


$65 for your delivery of our ‘Wheel of Whisky’. To place your order, please contact



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