That's Amore!

Tattersalls Club - Friday, May 17, 2019

As Dean Martin sang, as only the rat pack could, we are certain he envisaged our next Italian cuisine of the quarter dish; Osso Bucco.


Meaning "bones with holes, or hollow bones" it is no surprise the translation doesnt make it onto the menu. Slow-braised veal would sound both more appetising and accurate, and those bones (not in fact hollow at all, but full of rich, delicious marrow) are the dish's crowning glory – anyone who sends the plate back to the kitchen without investigating their interior has missed out on the best bit.


Chef Nathan is slow braising the veal and serving it with potato mash and steamed greens.


We recommend our next Italian vino to complement this dish, the Sensi Forziere Chianti Classico Reserve from Tuscany; a region best known for Chianti should be regarded as Italy's most innovative. It's certainly a fussier vine than Cabernet or Merlot, so come in and try this wine's savoury and cherry-fruit characteristics.


Our Osso Bucco is available every Thursday for lunch and dinner throughout May!


To book in to try our monthly specials, please contact the food and beverage team at or on 9263 9216.





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