The 8 week road to success

Tattersalls Club - Wednesday, January 22, 2020


American businessman and writer Max De Pree, once said: “We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are”.


Drawing inspiration from the above quote; the Athletic Department is excited to announce the start date for the next 8-week challenge. The challenge will commence on Monday 10th February.


The challenge gives Members the opportunity to push themselves to their limits and see what amazing results they can achieve. As always there will be a strong focus on balancing exercise with healthy nutrition as well as continuing the ongoing learning aspect of how to get the best results over 8 weeks.


We will once again be using the team at "MeasureUp" to provide all Members who sign up with a comprehensive body analysis scan (so we can see just how much muscle you put on over the 8 weeks).


Everyone who signs up for the challenge will also receive a personalised weights program put together by the amazing team at the Athletic Department, as well as some extra training tips and tricks.


For more information please contact the team at or phone 9263 9212.







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