The Great Virtual Race across Tennessee deserves a Jack Daniels Select

Tattersalls Club - Friday, September 04, 2020


Our September Whisky of the Month – Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select, reviewed by Committee Member and Run Clubber Richard McGrath.


Tennessee, proudly known as the volunteer state, has three notable exports; country music, whiskey, and soldiers.


The origins of country music and whiskey in Tennessee are intertwined down to the Irish spelling of whiskey and the sound of the Galway pub fiddle you can still hear in today’s country hits. They say the stories of country music are a combination of Saturday night and Sunday morning. Sometimes they are both if you think of Kristofferson’s “Sunday Morning Coming Down” or Love and Theft’s lyrics “I ain’t afraid of dying, but what scares me to death, is meeting Jesus, with whiskey on my breath.”


Jack Daniels’ Single Barrel Select Tennessee Whiskey is a step up from the famous Old No. 7. First bottled in 1997, Select is a relatively new addition to the 1864 Lynchburg distillery. This brand is as American as Harley Davidson Motorcycles and Levi’s jeans. All three are very familiar with each other, and the expansion of the Jack Daniel’s brand has been as much of a commercial success as the others.


It’s certainly a fancy bottle, and not just in appearance. As Select suggests, these barrels are sourced from 1 in a 100 of the stock that makes the famous No. 7. Each bottle is referenced back to the barrel, with the current bottle in the Tattersalls whiskey library (Dewey 663.5) from barrel No. 20-00364, Rick R-9 and bottled on 23-1-2020. With the usual Jack retailing at an everyman’s price of $45, this edition is pushing $100. With the same limestone cave water and charcoal filter all from Lynchburg, it’s interesting but at a price.


With the colour of Tennessee sweet tea and a whiff of summer pasture, it is soft on the palate, as is anything with caramel. As with everything from the South, it is warm and hospitable.


If country music is three chords and the truth, then my ‘good friend’ Jack’s Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey is inviting, easy, and neighbourly. Don’t be fix’n to mix it with Mountain Dew.


With no real running races taking place, I recently entered ‘The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee’ from Memphis in the south-west to just past Bristol in the north-east; a distance of 1,021.68 kilometres. We had from 1 May to 31 August to complete the course, but somehow I ended up crossing the state in 34 days. The trip back was done with the aid of a stent and took a bit longer.


Only able to virtually pass by Jack Daniel’s birthplace, I was a keen volunteer to review this month’s whisky of the month.


The next challenge for me is the Tattersalls New York Marathon in Sydney, taking place over the last week of October with our Run Club.


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