Toast to Burleigh (and apologies to Teddy Roosevelt)

Tattersalls Club - Friday, March 09, 2018


As an Athletic Club, we have a healthy amount of silverware. At best we know the triumph of high achievement, and at the worst, at least we have failed while daring greatly, so that our place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.


Cross a surf-loving, Hawaiian, young-gun brew master with a Gold Coast girl who detoured through a career in corporate law while dreaming of creating a very special business – and you get the inspiration for Burleigh Brewing. Burleigh Brewing from our north in Queensland with its German style hefeweizen has not disappointed in the silverware stakes.


Gold Medal - 2011 World Beer Championships

Silver Medal - 2015 World Beer Championships

Bronze Medal - 2013 World Beer Championships


Burleigh Brewing HEF boasts the classic German wheat beer characteristics of banana and clove, rich flavours, a bright white head and a smooth, creamy texture. It is an unfiltered, refreshing, flavourful beer without being overpowering.


Get in and toast another great Australian craft brewer!


Join the Craft Beer Club. $50 per year allows you to try 10 craft beers throughout the year. For more information, contact Sara at or phone 9263 9202.






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