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Tattersalls Club - Tuesday, June 26, 2018



Whether you are just out for a leisurely stroll or trying to run your best time, here are a few tips for the City2Surf from our own marathon man, Damian Tancred:


There are a few nasty hills along the way...

Don’t get confused with the first hill of the day, from Rushcutters Bay to Edgecliff train station. This is definitely not Heartbreak Hill.

At the end of Rose Bay shops (which is the 6km mark) is where the fun begins.

When you get to Bondi don’t lose pace, you still have a long stretch of 2km up Campbell Parade to the finish line.


The Week Before -

try to keep your diet much the same, just include a little more carbohydrates.


Morning of the Race -

have a light breakfast, e.g. Toast with banana and a bottle of water. No need for sports drinks.

Some people like to have a coffee before a race, only do this if it’s part of your normal routine.

If you are going to take sports drinks or sports gels, be sure that you have trained with them before.

Don’t try anything new on the day. Drink plenty of fluids along the way.


Join the Run Club and get started now:


Mondays 06:00

Tuesdays 13:00

Thursdays 14:00

Fridays 06:00


All levels welcome! And we encourage members to run together at these times.


Would you like a run specific fitness program? Our trainers would be happy to personalise a program for you to assist in your running goals. Please contact the Athletic Department team at or on 9263 9212 to book.





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