Whisky of the Month for August - Bowmore 12 yo Single Malt

Tattersalls Club - Monday, August 13, 2018


Members David and Tim Baynham review this month's Whisky: Bowmore 12 year old Single Malt.


This is a classic, approachable expression of Islay whisky. It is not overly complex, but there is a lot to maintain interest from nose to finish. Balance is the word.


Colour:A lovely honey, verging on amber


Nose:In classic Islay fashion, peat comes first, but it is a lighter smoke level than many from Islay, already giving hints of a more approachable palate. There is also an oceanic element, with some saltiness coming through, some firewood, and hints of citrus.


Palate:This is where the enjoyable level of balance in this scotch really comes to the fore. Light smoke and peat continue on to the palate, with greater levels of citrus, and a new sweet note balancing things out.


Finish:The sweet note evolves into a cocoa, chocolatey element, with the peat evolving to an oiliness that smoothed out the finish alongside some heat.


Thank you to David and Tim for taking the time to review this month’s whisky!


From the distiller:

The original Islay distillery and home to the oldest Scotch whisky maturation warehouse in the world.


Reflecting the essence of Bowmore – thrashing waves, windswept landscapes and generations of tradition – the 12 year old is both complex and perfectly balanced. Subtle lemon and sweet heather honey complement Bowmore’s trademark peat smoke, leading to a delicious, long and mellow finish.



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