Whisky of the Month for March - Old Sport

Tattersalls Club - Friday, March 08, 2019


Our Whisky Club Members are an elegant and refined bunch and their reviews are worthy of print!


This month Ketki Madane and her guest Shane Cooper review our latest whisky; Old Sport rare Highland malt.



Ketki: Caramel

Shane: Azure sun (ie: golden honey)



Ketki: Sweet and very mild on the nose

Shane: A British cigar room (ie: sweet and light with a caramel finish)



Ketki: Caramel, oak, a hint of honey?

Shane: Like a Malteser-sweet but you can taste the malt (ie: honey, caramel with a sharp finish)



Ketki: Sweet with a longer finish

Shane: Like a Jack Russell-all bark and no bite (ie: reduces the bite to enhance caramel flavour)



Ketki: Short; perfect for Winter but a little heavy

Shane: 5ft 3 inches (ie: short)


Thank you Ketki and Shane for your fantastic reviews!


From the distiller:


This Scotch Whisky was created for the legendary ‘Old Sport’. He required a Scotch that was smooth enough for his daily tipple, yet powerful and refined for his many guests. He chose only the finest Cognac to finish his blend and impart a unique and irresistible flavour profile.


The malts are carefully chosen from a selection of Scotland’s finest distilleries, then are delicately combined to produce a smooth, sumptuous and delectable blend reminiscent of old Scotch Whiskies.


The whisky is aged in whisky casks and then in specially imported XO Cognac barrels. The resulting whisky is smooth, fruity and nutty with both power and finesse and a hint of tropical fruit.


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