Whisky of the Month - March

Tattersalls Club - Friday, March 02, 2018


This month's Whisky, reviewed by Joseph Azize - Westland Distillery, American Single Malt.


Colour:Light copper, probably indicating moderate maturing in oak casks, and that there would be minimal or no caramel additive.


Nose:Held at a little distance, fresh and medicinal, reminiscent of parsley. Nosed at and beneath the rim, initially sweet spice, strengthening to crushed nutmeg.


Palate:The welcome is sweet, turning dry. After reception across the mouth, predominantly dry. Always with a mellow oak ambience.


Water: releases fruity aromas, softening the sweetness and accentuating the raisin and toffee notes. A modulated flavour of barley, but no discernible peat or smokiness. Some unusual orange rainbow chard notes. As it is imbibed, it presents a winey oak taste which dries the mouth, while being sharp and a little moist on the upper palate: a nice contrast.


Finish: a good strong centring finish which leaves a glow in the solar plexus (the hall-mark of the best whiskies). Pleases and relaxes the throat as it descends. Nice mellow impact. A few minutes afterwards, the malty and cereal tones crest, and crown the experience. Ten minutes later, the taste, the impact and the warmth all linger: malty and cereal, with a reiteration of the fresh parsley insouciance which marked the first nosing. Mint after notes flicker in the throat for a satisfying appetiser.


Thank you Joseph for your amazing review!


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