Whisky of the Month - May

Tattersalls Club - Friday, May 11, 2018


Member Martin White reviews this month's Whisky: Albion Racing Club British Spiced Malt.


What a name!


Colour:light and unassuming

Nose:strong with some pepper hints

Palate:Lovely and smooth with almost a touch of sweetness

Water:calms it a little more and then takes some of the sweetness out

Finish:great bite after to make sure you remember it. It’s like a game of two halves!


Thank you Martin for being this month’s Whisky Club reviewer.


From the distiller:

The malt is 5 times distilled for ridiculous smoothness and then steeped in vanilla pods, raisins and coffee beans for extra deliciousness. The result is a drink that is beautifully smooth, rounded and with a hint of sweetness. It is unmistakable as a full-proof spirit (42% abv) but a winner for those who want their spirits to actually taste nice!


5 facts that matter:


1. Five times copper pot small batch distilled for ultimate smoothness

2. All English grain – entirely malted barley – no wheat, no oats

3. The wort is rolling boiled for just 1 hour to minimise tannin content

4. Next infused with select Colombian coffee beans, freshly split Indian vanilla pods and succulent organic raisins

5. Filtered to 1 micron and filled under vacuum for maximum quality



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