Whisky of the Month - November

Tattersalls Club - Thursday, November 02, 2017


Thank you to Peter and Jonathon Miller for this months review!


"I am glad the Tattersalls Whisky Club is not obsessed with Single Malt and is revealing some interesting Blends from time to time.


The Six Isles is one such whisky and an interesting one, as its component parts hail from six Scottish Islands. Most of them are in the West but also Orkney which is to the North East. It is a pale whisky suggesting delicacy, yet has distinct character. Light peat and heather on the nose. Like walking through a Scottish vale (!).


I thought butterscotch on the palate. Jono detected Vanilla. The label referred to honey. We declared it a draw. Arriving at general agreement that the Six Isles was a worthy Whisky of the

Month there was only one thing left to debate: Did the addition of water improve this whisky? Jono thought yes. I didn’t give a damn. Slàinte" - Peter Miller


"I didn't give a...dram? (Sorry couldn't help myself)! My notes read similarly.


As follows: Colour: soft, light. Possibly a little too yellow.

Nose: definite peat, touch of vanilla and brightens with water.

This was also true of the palate: a zing on the front end and finishing broad, butterscotch and possibly an oak barrel (I would hope!)." - Jonathon Miller


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