Writer's Tears Irish Whisky, the perfect accompaniment to a complex novel

Tattersalls Club - Friday, November 06, 2020


November Whisky of the Month – Writers' Tears Irish Whiskey - reviewed by Committee Member and Book Club co-captain Bettina Pidcock.


I really enjoy settling into the sofa with my book and a little drink to warm me from the inside. It's interesting to muse on the thoughts of the writer of any book, particularly when it's a long and intricate tale, like the Book Club's last title: Girl, Woman, Other which traced the highs and lows of life for twelve British women of colour. Perhaps Bernadine Evaristo shed tears for her subjects; she painted an empathetic and rounded portrait of them that was truly deserving of the Booker Prize.


The whiskey provided a delicious and soothing companionship to the novel, which explored tales of immigration, education, gender identity, race relations and so much more. Writers' Tears Irish Whiskey was a great accompaniment to the triumphs and sorrows of each of the characters. While the book had many complexities, the whiskey was light with a pale honey hue and a sweet, fruity, almost maple syrup nose. It's wonderfully smooth and warming on the palate. I drank it neat and found it to have a very mellow finish. I can recommend it as a warming, soothing accompaniment to a good and complex read.


Thanks to Bettina for taking the time to review our Whisky of the Month!


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