September's Whisky of the Month - Dobson's Old Reliable

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Thursday, September 06, 2018


Members Alex and Sean Obern review this month's Whisky: Dobson's Old Reliable Triple Distilled Whisky.


“An Australian whisky with Highlands inspiration, I was first stricken by the alcohol in the nose and my amateur whisky tasting abilities, (at 47% don’t take a straight whiff!). I noticed the colour of warm amber with a sweet floral nose and hints of strawberry. Upon tasting I first noticed the light smokey flavour typical of a Highlands whisky but upon the finish found some sweet chocolate notes with a medium finish. After adding a drop of water, the chocolate became stronger with almost a hint of liquorice and the finish became significantly shorter.”

Alex Obern


“Old Dobson's was a treat with a light caramel taste and a light smokey aftertaste. A little bit of water further enhanced the sweetness. We were both surprised when the bottle was revealed to be from NSW. Great drop!"

Sean Obern


Thank you to Alex and Sean for taking the time to review this month’s whisky!


From the distiller:

Old Reliable is a lighter style triple distilled whisky. At 40% abv it is very lightly peated and aged over French shiraz oak, a very approachable and smooth whisky. This style is easy drinking neat or on the rocks. It is made in small batches and is released every six months or when the gods of oak determine that the required balance of smoothness and flavour has been achieved. Grains used are 'golden promise' and 'bairds peated' malt barley.



Contact Sara on to arrange your Whisky Club Membership.





Schnitzel - Genug Gesagt

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Tuesday, September 04, 2018


Are the Chefs at Tattersalls harbouring a ‘geheim’ to their delicious monthly specials? We can assure you, they are no secret keepers; our Chef’s simply cook Australian seasonal and local produce with love.


The result of this love is schnitzel, one of those dishes that is mysteriously more than the sum of it's parts. Schnitzel can, of course, be made from any meat large enough to crumb, but for the month of September we have decided to serve a whopper 250 gram chicken schnitzel with chips and salad.


Because sometimes schnitzel, chips and salad doesn’t quite make a meal complete, we have topped it off by matching it with our beer of the month! Devour this month's special with a complimentary beer from Sydney Beer Co for only $20.


Come in every Wednesday to Friday evening in September for this super Schnitzel!


To book in to try our monthly specials, please contact the food and beverage team at or on 9263 9216.





Whisky of the Month for August - Bowmore 12 yo Single Malt

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Monday, August 13, 2018


Members David and Tim Baynham review this month's Whisky: Bowmore 12 year old Single Malt.


This is a classic, approachable expression of Islay whisky. It is not overly complex, but there is a lot to maintain interest from nose to finish. Balance is the word.


Colour:A lovely honey, verging on amber


Nose:In classic Islay fashion, peat comes first, but it is a lighter smoke level than many from Islay, already giving hints of a more approachable palate. There is also an oceanic element, with some saltiness coming through, some firewood, and hints of citrus.


Palate:This is where the enjoyable level of balance in this scotch really comes to the fore. Light smoke and peat continue on to the palate, with greater levels of citrus, and a new sweet note balancing things out.


Finish:The sweet note evolves into a cocoa, chocolatey element, with the peat evolving to an oiliness that smoothed out the finish alongside some heat.


Thank you to David and Tim for taking the time to review this month’s whisky!


From the distiller:

The original Islay distillery and home to the oldest Scotch whisky maturation warehouse in the world.


Reflecting the essence of Bowmore – thrashing waves, windswept landscapes and generations of tradition – the 12 year old is both complex and perfectly balanced. Subtle lemon and sweet heather honey complement Bowmore’s trademark peat smoke, leading to a delicious, long and mellow finish.



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I'm only here for the Pie (and Cocktail)

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Thursday, July 26, 2018


Chefs Nathan and Danny have created the beef & ale pie. Enjoy a flavoursome wintery stew of beef and Hop House 13 ale inside a delicious pastry crust, with a side of fries and salad. The beauty of this recipe is that you simply add everything to the pan and let the ingredients work their magic. The result is phenomenal with a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth dish that could only be matched with our cocktail of the month; the Norman Collins.


Our palate is a highly sensitive mechanism designed to detect both subtle and intense flavours, and can be trained to uncover a whole range of tastes and sensations.


So when enjoying one of Sydney’s best pies, mix spiced Caribbean rum with kiwi apples and Tasmanian ginger beer and the Norman Collins, our cocktail for the month of August will not disappoint. With hints of nutmeg & cinnamon, and cider from the zest of 100% freshly crushed NZ apples it’s the ultimate thirst quencher! Come in today to try the Norman Collins, then indulge yourself in our delicious dish of the month.


Come in every Wednesday to Friday evening in August for a wonderful heart-warming meal!


To book in to try our monthly specials, please contact the food and beverage team at or on 9263 9216.





Whisky's a Go Go - Tattersalls Whisky Club 2018/19

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Thursday, July 12, 2018


The continued success of the Whisky Club format means we are now entering our 5th year and with it will come our 50th whisky, so to celebrate that, we are keeping the annual Membership price at $50.


The aim of the Whisky Club is to bring you an eclectic selection of whiskies throughout the year - perhaps some you’d love to try, but would never think to buy a bottle of.


Whisky Club Membership entitles you to:

- A complimentary dram of each of the 10 whiskies throughout the year.

- A special price of $5 per dram thereafter for the year.

- The ability to invite guests to try the Whisky Club’s whisky for $10 a dram for the year.

- Invitations to whisky evenings during the year.


Once you sign up to the Whisky Club, we will keep a special Membership card behind the bar for you, and you are welcome to come and enjoy each whisky at your own convenience until the end of the Whisky Club year being 30th June 2019.


Member Peter Dunoon reviews our first Whisky Club whisky for 2018/19 - Santis Malt Swiss Alpine Single Malt.


"At first glance the whisky looks golden, like a syrup you would put on your pancakes. It offers a nose that opens butterscotch and a hint of raisin. The palate is smooth and subtle with hints of vanilla sweetness. The mid palate has a long heavenly aftertaste that will leave you with a delightful lingering buttery taste."


Thank you Peter for being our first reviewer of year 5 of Tattersalls Whisky Club!


To join the Whisky Club for 2018/19 please contact Sara at or on 9263 9202.


We are also currently offering a whisky paddle with cured meats for only $30. We have selected four whiskies from year one of the Whisky Club and paired it with four different cured meats. Think Laphroaig Triple Wood matched with Prosciutto di Parma; traditional ham meets traditional whisky, a dry peat with earthy characters. For a limited time only!





July's 'cheeky' winter special

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, July 06, 2018


The Club is serving the rich, melting beef cheek with a gentle creamy mash and a side of steamed green beans, which can be deliciously paired with our 2013 Patina pinot noir for the month of July.


Chefs Nate and Danny know a good braise when it comes to beef cheeks; they need long, slow braising in good quality stock to bring out their best.


Come in every Wednesday to Friday evening in July for a wonderful heart-warming meal!




To book in to try our new monthly specials, please contact the food and beverage team at or on 9263 9216.





The most important step is the next

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, July 06, 2018


Let Tattersalls Club take you back to Kilmarnock 1867 when the first Johnnie Walker blend was created. Our Members Bar team have added touches of controversy and flavour, mixing a cocktail worthy of a global icon.


For the month of July, the Members Bar brings you The Kilmarnock cocktail, made with Johnnie Walker Black label, lemon juice, a dash of honey and sweetened ginger juice. If that does not satisfy your curiosity, we top it off with Laphroaig, whisky on top of whisky!


As the striding man on the bottle suggests, why not keep walking into the Members Bar and try one today.



To make a booking in our Members Bar please contact the food and beverage team at or call 9263 9216.






Train for City2Surf with Tattersalls Run Club

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Tuesday, June 26, 2018



Whether you are just out for a leisurely stroll or trying to run your best time, here are a few tips for the City2Surf from our own marathon man, Damian Tancred:


There are a few nasty hills along the way...

Don’t get confused with the first hill of the day, from Rushcutters Bay to Edgecliff train station. This is definitely not Heartbreak Hill.

At the end of Rose Bay shops (which is the 6km mark) is where the fun begins.

When you get to Bondi don’t lose pace, you still have a long stretch of 2km up Campbell Parade to the finish line.


The Week Before -

try to keep your diet much the same, just include a little more carbohydrates.


Morning of the Race -

have a light breakfast, e.g. Toast with banana and a bottle of water. No need for sports drinks.

Some people like to have a coffee before a race, only do this if it’s part of your normal routine.

If you are going to take sports drinks or sports gels, be sure that you have trained with them before.

Don’t try anything new on the day. Drink plenty of fluids along the way.


Join the Run Club and get started now:


Mondays 06:00

Tuesdays 13:00

Thursdays 14:00

Fridays 06:00


All levels welcome! And we encourage members to run together at these times.


Would you like a run specific fitness program? Our trainers would be happy to personalise a program for you to assist in your running goals. Please contact the Athletic Department team at or on 9263 9212 to book.





Young Member Events Continue!

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Tuesday, June 26, 2018



It's hard to believe we are almost half way through the year!


Young Members have hosted a variety of events so far; including drinks in the Members Bar, Champagne and Cheese tasting and Bootcamp and Breakfast. The next two Young Member events are fast approaching.


Thursday 5th July


Join us for breakfast and hear from Member Jim Tate.


Jim has been in and around the strategic management of banking and finance in Australia and offshore for over 40 years, during which time he’s observed and participated in some major developments, seeing first-hand the best and worst of management and enjoyed making the same mistake over and over again.

Jim will reflect, in his unique way, on his perspectives on the important drivers of big organisations, understanding how to cope with executive management as you build your career and learning how to respond when some things go “pear shaped” - as they inevitably will!


Thursday 2nd August


Enjoy a relaxed drink in the Members Bar with our Young Members. A casual way to get to know new friends or catch up with those you already know. For those wishing to stay on, the Bar Menu will be available for dinner.


Young Members events are a monthly occurrence, so save the following dates!


Thursday 6th September

Thursday 4th October

Thursday 1st November


To RSVP to any Young Member event please contact Rosie at or on 9263 9204.






Be lured into the comfort of your Members Bar by the Temptress Chocolate Porter

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, June 08, 2018


"This double chocolate (chocolate malt & dutch cocoa) porter is richly decadent with lashings of chocolate, coffee and vanilla characters all superbly fine-tuned to create a beer that will knock any chocolate craving on the head.” Kirrily Waldhorn Beer Diva.


The gold at the 2018 Australian International Beer Awards is a long way from the start of the story. Since start-up in 1999 in Paul and Natasha Holgate’s back-yard, Holgate Brewhouse brewing company has been producing genuine craft beer from the village of Woodend in Victoria.


Both founders have a science and chemistry background working for multinational corporate companies before giving it all up to start their own family business.



Join the Craft Beer Club. $50 per year allows you to try 10 craft beers throughout the year. For more information, contact Sara at or phone 9263 9202.






BRRR: A remedy for all Winter ills

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Thursday, May 31, 2018


It's getting chilly out there, but we've got some comfort on offer in the Members Bar and Dining room. As the temperature begins to drop, there's nothing more welcoming than a big hearty dish of lamb shanks to warm the soul.


Enjoy our mouth-watering braised lamb shanks with fluffy potato mash and spinach, topped with a flavoursome jus. Tattersalls June specials don't stop there. You can also wash down your delicious wintery meal with a Guinness all inclusive in our June winter special!


This month's special is now available in the Members Bar & Dining Room, Wednesday to Friday evenings for the princely sum of $20.



Reservations reccomended; phone 9263 9216 or email





Physiotherapy services a new addition to the Athletic Department

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Thursday, May 31, 2018


From Wednesday 6th June.


One of Sydney's most respected Physiotherapists, Jerome Murphy, will be joining us at Tattersalls Club. Jerry established Sydney Physiotherapy in 1993 in Australia Square and developed an interest in sports injuries, in particular the knee and the ACL.


With over 25 years of experience, Jerry has assisted with the Rugby World Cups of 1987, 1991, 1995 and 1999; British Lions tours of Australia in 1989 and New Zealand in 1993, and was the honorary physiotherapist for Woollahra Colleagues RFC from 1993 to 2017.


Jerry will be available every Wednesday from 08:00 to 11:00 in the Athletic Department.


Discounted Rates for Members:


Initial Consultation $85

Follow up Consultation $80


We are committed to continued growth and improvement of services within the Club and hope that you will benefit from having Jerry on-site regularly.



To book an appointment or for more information please contact the AD team at or on 9263 9212.





Whisky of the Month - May

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, May 11, 2018


Member Martin White reviews this month's Whisky: Albion Racing Club British Spiced Malt.


What a name!


Colour:light and unassuming

Nose:strong with some pepper hints

Palate:Lovely and smooth with almost a touch of sweetness

Water:calms it a little more and then takes some of the sweetness out

Finish:great bite after to make sure you remember it. It’s like a game of two halves!


Thank you Martin for being this month’s Whisky Club reviewer.


From the distiller:

The malt is 5 times distilled for ridiculous smoothness and then steeped in vanilla pods, raisins and coffee beans for extra deliciousness. The result is a drink that is beautifully smooth, rounded and with a hint of sweetness. It is unmistakable as a full-proof spirit (42% abv) but a winner for those who want their spirits to actually taste nice!


5 facts that matter:


1. Five times copper pot small batch distilled for ultimate smoothness

2. All English grain – entirely malted barley – no wheat, no oats

3. The wort is rolling boiled for just 1 hour to minimise tannin content

4. Next infused with select Colombian coffee beans, freshly split Indian vanilla pods and succulent organic raisins

5. Filtered to 1 micron and filled under vacuum for maximum quality



Contact Sara on to arrange your Whisky Club Membership.





Boardriders Craft Beer Takeover

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Monday, May 07, 2018


There is a new word for the Tattersalls lexicon.


BALTER “(v.).. to dance artlessly without particular skill or grace, but usually with enjoyment.”


Whilst it may not yet be in the Macquarie or Oxford dictionaries, the folks at Currumbin like to do things their own way. It would appear this stretches beyond making up words to artfully creating delicious beers, and everyone seems to agree.


For Mick Fanning; Balter founder, surfing great and shark wrangler, it has added some slightly different silverware to his cabinet.


#1 GABS Hottest 100 XPA (2018)

AIBA Champion Medium Size Brewery (2017)

AIBA Best Newcomer (2017)

AIBA Best International Pale Ale - XPA Packaged (2017)

AIBA Gold International Pale Ale - XPA Draught (2017)

AIBA Gold - XPA Packaging Can (2017)

AIBA Silver - XPA Packaging Carton (2017)

CBIA Gold - XPA Draught (2017)

CBIA Silver - XPA Packaged (2017)

#4 GABS Hottest 100 XPA (2017)

CBIA Gold - XPA Packaged (2016)

CBIA Gold - XPA Draught (2016)

XPA Peoples Choice - Aussie Beer Festival (2016)


At 5% it might be pale, but there’s nothing weak about this bad boy. This XPA’s tropical and floral aromatics set off a fruity palette that will punch your taste buds in the pleasure zone. Tailored for those who enjoy a fully-hopped beer that’s still easy to drink.


Balter are supporters of the arts and numerous charitable ventures including Love your Sister, Surfaid and Brewmanity. For that, in addition to their wonderful beers, we like them very much.


Enjoy! We still have two beers to enjoy in our Craft beer club. Buy the back catalogue while it lasts!


Join the Craft Beer Club. $50 per year allows you to try 10 craft beers throughout the year. For more information, contact Sara at or phone 9263 9202.






Love Italian? Mario is sharing his secrets!

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Monday, May 07, 2018


For the month of May, we are having a 'buon' time, inspired by the maestro himself, Mario.


We introduce to you the Veal Saltimbocca. A Roman speciality, which translates to 'jump in the mouth'. With the combination of flavours from sage & prosciutto, it is so delicious your mouth will sing! Matched with this mouth-watering dish, is our cocktail of the month - a flavoursome limoncello based cocktail, just to get the little Italian inside of you dancing.


There's always something on at the club, whether you're a foodie who is into fresh seasonal produce, or you like to shake things up with a cocktail, be sure to check out our specials board daily! The amazing team always has something cooking up their sleeve and the specials board is where you will read all about it first.


We don't like to keep secrets to ourselves here at Tattersalls, so we thought we'd let you in on some Italian cuisine and beverage secrets to help you wash down the May madness!


This May special is available Wednesday to Friday evenings!



Reservations reccomended; phone 9263 9216 or email





Drink like Paul John this April

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, April 13, 2018


This month's Whisky: Paul John Edited Indian Single Malt Whisky.


While unrecognisable to many on our continent, Paul John is a man of taste. Widely known across the Indian sub-continent Paul John has built a luxury business including the 4th largest liquor company in India and the acclaimed Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala.


In April, it’s your chance to experience a little of his luxury with Paul John Edited Whisky.


ABV 46% Edited is for the extraordinary. We poured forth all our mastery into crafting this Single Malt. The hint of peat has been skilfully created from discreetly chosen cask profiles. All to delight the true whisky connoisseur. Hear the sea off Goa tell its own stories, unedited.


Nose: Honey and cocoa are laced with a hint of smokiness and a shot of espresso. A deeper whiff reveals fruity fragrances.


Palate: The grassy flavours of barley show up first, but gently make way for subtle peat notes. They slowly dissolve and pave the way for a rush of mint and mocha.


Finish: The finish is long and drawn out. You can sense a hint of spice and chocolate mint as it ends on gentle peat notes.


Colour: Amber gold.


Pairing: The hints of peat and chocolate mint in this Single Malt are perfect with a mildly spiced lamb stew, or even dark chocolate.



Contact Sara on to arrange your Whisky Club Membership.





Tattersalls April Food and Beverage Specials

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, April 06, 2018


$1 Oysters are back! 'Buck-a-Shuck' is back by popular demand!


Available Wednesday – Friday on our bar evening menu until sold out.


April Cocktail of the Month - The Lansdowne Club 1935

Inspired by our noble Mayfair reciprocal club in London, this month's special cocktail is the perfect light, refreshing after work ‘or workout’ Autumn tipple to enjoy at the end of the day. As the seasons change its hard not to breathe in and enjoy the vibrant shades of green and beautiful view that Hyde Park is currently showcasing (similar to early Spring time in London).


With this in mind, Mario & Esmond have created this month's special to complement our Oyster offering and named it The Lansdowne Club 1935.


Available throughout the month of April for $13.00


Why Limit Happy to an Hour?!


Treat the Boss or let the boss treat you! Two for the price of one house wine or tap beer now available daily only between 4pm – 6pm


Reservations reccomended; phone 9263 9216 or email





Home is where the heart is - Paddo Pale Ale

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Monday, April 02, 2018


Sydney is fortunate to have a number of breweries in CBD, the closest being the Sydney Brewery.


So this month we are going micro-local.


The Local food movements aim to connect food producers and food consumers in the same geographic region, in order to develop more self-reliant and resilient food networks; improve local economies; or to have an impact on the health, environment, community, or society of a particular place.


From the heart of the city, Sydney Brewery is dedicated to creating the best craft beers and ciders in Australia. Brewed lovingly by hand in small batches, each variant is designed to epitomise the local style, personality and people of the suburbs that make this city great.


Like the suburb it was named after, this American pale ale has it all. Somehow though everything’s kept in just the right balance and proportions. So, on first tasting, look for a true citrus and floral ale aroma, but then stand back for a full malt experience, followed by a big bitter finish. The Paddo Pale is triple hopped with enigma, galaxy and Amarillo hop flavours. See, it’s got it all. And it’s all good.


Come and try some Paddo Pale Ale today, and for Craft Beer Club Members your complimentary glass awaits!


Join the Craft Beer Club. $50 per year allows you to try 10 craft beers throughout the year. For more information, contact Sara at or phone 9263 9202.






Our new Autumn Menu is here - come and try it now!

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, March 09, 2018


Kicking off March and the beginning of Autumn is this month’s Food and Beverage specials, with another delightful cocktail in honour of our reciprocal relationships abroad and fresh Aussie seafood.


The Amarillo Martini, an addictive concoction of Tequila, Triple sec and cranberry juice, is a nod to our American friends at the Amarillo Club in Texas where tequila is as much celebrated as it is in Mexico itself.


To match the bite of tequila and the underlying sweetness of the cranberry, the Amarillo Martini has been paired with steamed Spring Bay Tasmanian black mussels infused in a Napoli sauce with white wine, garlic, fresh herbs and chilli.


A generous bowl served with toasted ciabatta bread and a martini is a very near perfect way to spend a long lunch away from the office!


If that isn’t enough to tickle your tastebuds, then our new menu inspired by fresh Asian and Middle Eastern flavours and quality Australian produce surely will. With a focus on items to share, some features of the menus include baked camembert with roasted garlic and ciabatta; and the charcuterie board with cured meats, cornichons, olives and bread.


For something a little more, we have a crispy skinned North Queensland line-caught barramundi fillet with a Thai-style sambal and Asian green salad, or the Greek lamb shoulder accompanied by quinoa tabouleh and tzatziki.


We have not forgotten those sweet-toothed diners either; Chef Nathan’s own twist on a classic is now available – vanilla, thyme and honey crème brûlée, plus a tart yet satisfying lemon and coconut syrup pudding with creamy vanilla ice cream.


Reservations reccomended; phone 9263 9216 or email





Toast to Burleigh (and apologies to Teddy Roosevelt)

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, March 09, 2018


As an Athletic Club, we have a healthy amount of silverware. At best we know the triumph of high achievement, and at the worst, at least we have failed while daring greatly, so that our place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.


Cross a surf-loving, Hawaiian, young-gun brew master with a Gold Coast girl who detoured through a career in corporate law while dreaming of creating a very special business – and you get the inspiration for Burleigh Brewing. Burleigh Brewing from our north in Queensland with its German style hefeweizen has not disappointed in the silverware stakes.


Gold Medal - 2011 World Beer Championships

Silver Medal - 2015 World Beer Championships

Bronze Medal - 2013 World Beer Championships


Burleigh Brewing HEF boasts the classic German wheat beer characteristics of banana and clove, rich flavours, a bright white head and a smooth, creamy texture. It is an unfiltered, refreshing, flavourful beer without being overpowering.


Get in and toast another great Australian craft brewer!


Join the Craft Beer Club. $50 per year allows you to try 10 craft beers throughout the year. For more information, contact Sara at or phone 9263 9202.






Whisky of the Month - March

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, March 02, 2018


This month's Whisky, reviewed by Joseph Azize - Westland Distillery, American Single Malt.


Colour:Light copper, probably indicating moderate maturing in oak casks, and that there would be minimal or no caramel additive.


Nose:Held at a little distance, fresh and medicinal, reminiscent of parsley. Nosed at and beneath the rim, initially sweet spice, strengthening to crushed nutmeg.


Palate:The welcome is sweet, turning dry. After reception across the mouth, predominantly dry. Always with a mellow oak ambience.


Water: releases fruity aromas, softening the sweetness and accentuating the raisin and toffee notes. A modulated flavour of barley, but no discernible peat or smokiness. Some unusual orange rainbow chard notes. As it is imbibed, it presents a winey oak taste which dries the mouth, while being sharp and a little moist on the upper palate: a nice contrast.


Finish: a good strong centring finish which leaves a glow in the solar plexus (the hall-mark of the best whiskies). Pleases and relaxes the throat as it descends. Nice mellow impact. A few minutes afterwards, the malty and cereal tones crest, and crown the experience. Ten minutes later, the taste, the impact and the warmth all linger: malty and cereal, with a reiteration of the fresh parsley insouciance which marked the first nosing. Mint after notes flicker in the throat for a satisfying appetiser.


Thank you Joseph for your amazing review!


Whisky Club Members your complimentary dram awaits.


Membership is $50 which we can charge to your house account. This entitles you to a dram of each of our 10 Whiskies throughout the year, and $5 per dram for those Whiskies thereafter.



Contact Sara on to arrange your Whisky Club Membership.





February Specials

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, February 09, 2018


Our February specials celebrate Chinese New Year.


$1 Dumplings


$1 dumplings are back on the evening menu throughout February. Minimum of 6 dumplings, available Wed - Fri evenings only until sold out.


Cocktail of the Month


Add a little Sugar to the Spice with this month’s special cocktail - Lychee Martini, only $13!


Reservations reccomended; phone 9263 9216 or email





Whisky of the Month - February

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, February 09, 2018


Hayden Remnant reviews this month's Whisky - Craigellachie 13 yo Single Malt.


Colour - a pale golden which bodes well.

Nose - certainly smells like Scotch!

Palate - slightly sweet with light smoke and peat.

Water - a dash softens it and lengthens the palate.

Finish - pleasant warmth and quite mellow. Does not disappoint.

Great choice!


From the distiller:


In 1891 a Whisky expert noted that Craigellachie represented a style of Whisky seldom met with now. Today they still use old-fashioned worm tubs to cool their spirit and bestow it with extra flavour, creating a dram to rival Whiskies twice its age.


A worm tub is a long copper tube, sitting in a large tank of cold water, which snakes back and forth and gradually gets narrower. Craigellachie is one of the few distilleries still benefitting from this traditional technique.


Thanks to Hayden for being our first reviewer of 2018! Whisky Club Members your complimentary dram awaits.


Membership is $50 which we can charge to your house account. This entitles you to a dram of each of our 10 Whiskies throughout the year, and $5 per dram for those Whiskies thereafter.



Contact Sara on to arrange your Whisky Club Membership.





Savour Murray's Angry Man Pale Ale – but please don't be angry!

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Thursday, February 01, 2018


It doesn’t get much more Australian than Kangaroos & Boxing. Put it on a label with a map of our great state and you can hear the Oi, Oi, Oi’s from here to Broken Hill.


The Angry Man Pale Ale however clearly reflects our proud multicultural heritage as it is a classic US pale ale. Australian, English and German malts balance the huge citrus/pine hop aroma. Strongly influenced by generous use of US Centennial and NZ Motueka hops.


Murray and the team have been brewing unique and off-beat naturally crafted beers since 2006, and in the process have won a bunch of awards and accolades – including Australia's Brewer of the Year 2017.


The craft beer bug bit Murray a few years before this, when he was on a trip to America. Legend has it, he tried a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at a roadside diner in California – and thought he'd died and gone to beer heaven! This experience inspired him to open his own brewery, so he could brew and enjoy the beers he wanted to drink back home in Australia.


February's craft beer of the month, our first for the new year. Don’t miss out!


Join the Craft Beer Club. $50 per year allows you to try 10 craft beers throughout the year. For more information, contact Sara at or phone 9263 9202.






Tattersalls Club Family Membership

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Monday, December 18, 2017


Tattersalls Club Family Membership


Any full member of the Club is entitled to 2 family memberships. Family memberships can be passed on to immediate family members (parent, spouse/partner, child or son/daughter in law) whose membership subscriptions will be subsidised by the Club such that their dues are 50% of their full membership.


For your child (over 18) a full Athletic Department membership begins from as little as $885 per annum.


This is a fantastic way to build on our already strong and vibrant family ties, and we enjoy welcoming your family members to our strong Tattersalls Club family.



Please contact Sara at or on 9263 9202 for more details.






Fitness Assessments and Programs

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Monday, December 18, 2017

Complimentary Fitness Assessments and Programming



Start the new year as you mean to go on!


Complimentary Fitness Assessments are available to all Members, with ongoing Programming available to Athletic Department Members.


Book in with one of our trainers to assist you in achieving your fitness goals in 2018.


We encourage you to have your program updated every 6 - 8 weeks!


To book ask an AD staff member or call 9263 9212.







Young Member Drinks 2018

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Monday, December 18, 2017

Young Member Drinks



Join our newly elected Young Member Chairperson Tom Barnes in the Members Bar once a month for Young Members drinks, from 17:30.


It's a great way to catch up, meet new people, and get involved in the club.


Young Members drinks will be a monthly occurrence, so save the following dates!


Thursday 1st February


Thursday 1st March


Thursday 12th April - bootcamp and breakfast!


Thursday 3rd May


Thursday 7th June


Thursday 2nd August


Thursday 6th September


Thursday 4th October


Thursday 1st November


Bring a friend and come along, whether it's just for one, or for the evening!






Chestnuts - The secret to Christmas in a bottle

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, December 01, 2017


We are a long way from the streets of London where roasted chestnuts rule yule, so we have laboured to bring these to you, our growing throng of aficionados.


So far we have travelled through Fremantle (WA), Adelaide (SA) and onto Camperdown (NSW) in recent months and this iteration draws us south.


Hand crafted in Beechworth, we head to the craft brewing heartland of Victoria. That statement is of course subjective and may just be because there are more hipsters in the south of our great nation. (#FactCheck).


Nonetheless, we bring you a unique Australian Pilsner, brewed in Beechworth from chestnuts grown locally in the Beechworth and Stanley hills. The Chestnut Pilsner also uses Galaxy hops from the Rostrevor Hop Garden in the nearby Ovens Valley. As with any of the world’s best pilsner's the most important ingredient is time, and they have allowed this beer plenty of it, with each batch aged for around 3 months before release. Bridge Road Brewers have created a gem of a beer through experimenting with local produce, a truly local brew!


This unique lager is very pale and presents a crisp ‘pilsner’ like profile combined with a distinct nutty character owing to the use of chestnuts in the mash. The crisp clean profile of this beer lends itself to the summer months and can be paired with seafood or lighter dishes.


Yours now to enjoy at the bar with one of Chef Nathan's seafood specialities.


If you would like a complimentary bottle, join the Craft Beer Club. $50 per year allows you to try 10 craft beers throughout the year. For more information, contact Sara at or phone 9263 9202.






Whisky of the Month - December

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, December 01, 2017


Phil Smith reviews this month's Whisky - Deviant Distillery Anthology Series 5.


"Light and pale in colour, this spirit has an aromatic floral sweetness to the nose. The palate is heavy and smokey with a sharp finish. Adding a little water smoothed it out well, although it lost a little of its punch. The finish was clean and smooth with clever plant hints."


From the distiller:


Matured by science

We like whisky aged as much as the next guy, but we’re a little impatient–and 10 years is a long time to wait. Our founder is an industrial chemist, so he invented a distilling technology that can create the flavour of a 10-year-old whisky in just 10 weeks. That’s less than a footy season, and the technology is winning awards just as fast. Call us the Elon Musk of the whisky world.


Kind to mother earth

More than 200 million litres of whisky evaporate from barrels into thin air each year. That’s nearly $10 billion worth. Think of how many Teslas you could buy. (We’ll wait.) Our clean technology is carbon neutral, turns waste into electricity and saves 1 million litres of water every year. We’re on a path to becoming one of the world’s cleanest distilleries.


Thanks to Phil for being this month’s Whisky Club reviewer! Whisky Club Members your complimentary dram awaits.


Membership is $50 which we can charge to your house account. This entitles you to a dram of each of our 10 Whiskies throughout the year, and $5 per dram for those Whiskies thereafter.



Contact Sara on to arrange your Whisky Club Membership.





Tattersalls Golf in 2018!

Posted by Tattersalls Club on Friday, November 24, 2017

Tattersalls Golf Days 2018



This year saw consistently increasing player numbers at our golf days with members and their guests enjoying four Golf days throughout the year.


Planning is well under way for 2018 and three of four courses have been locked in:


Tuesday 13th March - The Australian Golf Club


Thursday 14th June - Bonnie Doon Golf Club


Monday 3rd September - Twin Creeks Golf Club


November - To Be Confirmed


To enquire about Tattersalls Golf please contact Sara at or on 9263 9202.






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