Profile and History

Tattersalls, one of Sydney's oldest clubs, was established in 1858


Tattersall's history embraces the rise of the racing industry in Australia, the growth of Sydney as a business epicentre, and all forms of sport.


Tattersalls can justly claim to have fathered the birth and participated in the growth of lawful turf gambling in New South Wales. Its fascinating history provides an insight into the development of control over betting transactions and the emergence of the Australian Turf Club. The success of such endeavours is apparent in the well-provisioned and established racing industry that we have today. In fact, the windows of Tattersalls provide a vantage-point to view the nation's first racecourse situated in the current day Hyde Park.


With Tattersall's origins in matters of the turf, it's hardly surprising its Members introduced many other social and sporting interests into their daily activities. Tattersalls became a mecca of Sydney's sportspeople. The number of true champions to walk through the doors of Tattersalls are, quite simply, too numerous to mention.


Today, Tattersalls is also the fulcrum of Sydney's corporate heart and plays a leading role in the city's business, sporting, cultural and culinary life.



Mr Colin Dunn
Mr Matthew Braithwaite-Young
  Mr Paul Chappell
Mr Michael Hanrahan
Mr Martin McConnell
  Mr Richard McGrath
  Ms Bettina Pidcock
  Mr Robert Rowlands