With less than a month to our Members’ Christmas party, it’s time to nominate for the Club person of the year 2022.

This award is an annual event and its objective is to give our Club the opportunity to formally recognise the achievement of excellence of Members’ contribution to the Club.


1. Regularity of attendance

2. Demonstration of the Club’s values of Honour and Friendship

3. Enthusiasm and contribution

4. General standing and reputation in relation to overall Club membership

WINNER SELECTION PROCESS: Management will call for nominees to all Club Members approximately four weeks prior to the Club’s annual Christmas party. The top three nominees will be selected and a re-cap of each nominee’s achievements will be announced to all Members. Voting for the top three nominees will then open to all Members approximately one week prior to the Club’s annual Christmas party. Votes are to be submitted to management by the specified date each year.

ADJUDICATION OF THE AWARD: The announcement of the winner will be made by the Club’s Chairperson at the Club’s Christmas party this year. The trophy is presented to the winner with their name engraved on the base.

To place your nomination please email Des at secretary@tattersallsclub.org with the reasons why you have nominated this Member.

Winner of the Club person of the year 2021 Peter Joseph (L) with Club secretary Des Mulcahy (R)