The final month of the year is here and so is our ultimate workout of the year, they say you should finish the year how you’d like to start the next- so let’s finish this year strong with the toughest workout of the month.

You will simply need 4 minutes for this workout, that’s it.

Setting yourself up on the rower (you can try the ski erg if you prefer) row for 60 seconds and write down your distance while you rest for the next 60 seconds, repeat this two more times.

After calculating the distance, rest for another 60 seconds, then move on to complete as many pushups as possible in 60 seconds. Your concluding step involves totalling the scores of each round to get to the final score.

As an example, it would look like this:
Row 1 = 300mts
Row 2 = 300mts
Row 3 = 350mts
Pushups = 40

Total = 990

The last time we did this challenge for our Workout of the Month series, we had four people get over the 1000 combined mark. Based on how fit and strong we have gotten this year we are hoping to get a minimum of eight people to hit the 1000 points.

Don’t forget to record your score and write your total up on the mirror.