2023 Club Person of the Year

Thank you for your nominations. It is always very satisfying to see Members highlighting their peers, those who they see contributing to our great Club.

The Club Person of the year award gives the Club the opportunity to formally recognize the achievement of excellence of members contributing within the Club.

CRITERIA FOR NOMINATION: 1. Regularity of attendance. 2. Demonstration of the Club’s values of Honour and Friendship. 3. Enthusiasm and contribution. 4. General standing and reputation in relation to overall Club membership.

Representing over 80 years of service between them here are the final nominees for Club Person of the Year 2023.

Mark Roufeil
The well-worn proverb, you get out what you put in, could have been written for Mark Roufeil.   Mark is actively involved in all aspects of Club life and has consistently been so over a 28-year period of service to the Club. A core Business Forum Member, Golfer, active event supporter on and offsite, and a regular in the Athletic Department Mark takes every opportunity to contribute to the rich fabric of our Club.

Michael Milgate
For a quarter of a century Micheal (The Professor) has supported all things hospitality. Replacing athletics for wine, Michael has embraced turning left out of the lift and enjoying and contributing to the vast array of activities on offer at the Club.  Most recently, inspired by Club oenophile Stephen O’Halloran Michael has raided his extensive cellar for Members presenting his mystery wine nights. Wednesday BYO in the Dining Room has never been more interesting!

Colin Dunn
The Clubs Statesman, Colin has been a Committee Member since May 2008 and Club Chairman since November 2010. Colin’s leadership of the Club and its committee has seen him steward the Club through a debt crisis, a pandemic and he has been pivotal in the rebuilding of Tattersalls to the great club we are today. In addition, Colin is a trustee of the ‘Friends of Tattersalls Foundation’ and a ‘Founding Forty’ contributor. When demonstrating the Club’s values of Honour and Friendship Colin is an exemplar.

2023 Sportsperson of the Year

CRITERIA FOR NOMINATION: 1. Regularity of participation in sporting club activities and the Athletic Department in general. 2. Degree of success. 3. Sportsmanship demonstrated. 4. Enthusiasm and general contribution. 5. General standing and reputation in relation to overall Club Membership.

WINNER SELECTION PROCESS:  Nominees will be the Athletic Department Members of the Month for the calendar year as selected on the above criteria by the Athletic Department team and management. A re-cap of each nominee’s achievements will be announced to all Members and voting will open. Votes are to be submitted to management by a specified date each year.

ADJUDICATION OF THE AWARD: The announcement of the winner will be made by the Club’s Chairperson at the Club’s annual Christmas Party. The award winner’s name is to be entered onto an honour board which is permanently displayed within the Club. An annual trophy is also presented to the winner with their name engraved on the base.

2023 AD Members of the Month:

  1. Jonathan Michel
  2. Naomi Tancred
  3. Justin Hanby
  4. Andrew Weisener & Maria Cresta
  5. Jonathan Papalia
  6. John Edstein
  7. John de Mestre
  8. Dennis Foster
  9. Maria Cresta
  10. Nick Bangs
  11. Patricia Reid
  12. Peter Hedge

Please note the last day to vote will be 17:00 on Thursday 14 December before the Christmas Party commences.

First photo: 2022 Sportsperson of the Year – Guy Farrow / Second photo: 2022’s winner Mr John Edstein (right) with Chairman Colin Dunn (left)