The Annual General Meeting of Tattersalls Club will be held at 17:30 Tuesday 13 December 2022 in the Member’s Dining Room.

Please note that we require a quorum of 30 Members. Your attendance is appreciated and will be recognised by the Chairman’s shout following the meeting.

If you are unable to attend in person, you may also attend via Zoom. Please click here to join. If you have any problems using the link, our meeting ID is 597 005 4747 and the password is 379614.

The candidates for Chairman, Treasurer and the Committee are all current Committee Members standing unopposed.

The Tattersalls Club Members’ Handbook determines the agenda of the Annual General Meeting as follows.

Rule 69: The business of the Annual/General Meeting shall be to deal with:
(a) Confirmation of previous minutes
(b) Adoption of Annual Report, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet
(c) Election of Chairman
(d) Election of Treasurer
(e) Election of Members of Committee in place of those retiring
(f) Election of Auditor/s
(g) Any other business that may be brought before the Meeting in accordance with the Rules of the Club

No Notices of Motion were submitted.

For a copy of the annual report please email Des at