By Member Nigel Robinson

As keen readers of the Squash journal would know the world of Squash never sleeps.

Just as the conquering team Members of the Tattersalls Club City Houses season finish, the Australian Open starts.

The hallowed parquetry floor of the Tattersalls’ Athletics Department welcomed some of the best squash players in the world over the weekend for the match, and some of our best players took part in it too.

Firstly, our versatile and very skilful Member Mr David Thackery made it to the finals of his grade after five tough matches, eventually just falling short in a tense final.

Whilst Member Nigel Robinson made it to the semi-finals of his C Grade Division after four tough matches (and for once avoided breaking a racquet after losing).

In A Grade, our Member Mr George Deubler won a tough five-match first-round game, but the exertions during and after the match must have taken it out of him, not to mention running the whole Australian Open tournament.

Meanwhile, Hailey Ho, a Tattersalls Michelle Martin Cup winner, also won the A-grade ladies’ title after a brutal four-game final and took away a sizeable but well-deserved prize.

Australian Open 2022 Winners, Miguel Rodriguez (World No.14 from Columbia) and Nele Gillis (World No.12 from Belgium) were both at the Tattersalls Club for the function organised on Saturday 29 October night.

Please note that our coach Mr Michelle Martin will be arriving at the Club soon to help you with your squash technique and also to train you for the Heather McKay and Inter-club Black Ball Women’s Squash Open.

To know more about the training sessions or book a session with Mr Michelle Martin, please contact the Athletic Department at