March is the month to follow your bingo intuition and complete the wellness card outlined by the Athletic Department.

This month we focus on all the things that make us feel good, keep us energized, gives us pep in our step and makes us live our dream.

This Bingo card is meant to challenge you, but also show you all benefits that making small healthy habits and changes can do for your overall health and well-being.

We are all at the point in our lives where making slight changes and adjustments might seem tedious or pointless, but we promise you if you tick all the boxes on this sheet you will be feeling astonished as to how these atomic habits contribute to the bigger changes in your life.

We have a help sheet in the Athletic Department for anyone who needs help with some menu ideas or if you have any questions regarding the workouts or fitness assessments.

We are excited to see what the month of March brings and just how many boxes we can get ticked.

If you are fueled more by extrinsic motivation rather than intrinsic, then here are the rewards for the top three winners to complete the Bingo sheets:

1st slip receives 2 x 45min PT sessions with Malcolm
2nd slip receives 1 x 60min massage session with Jeanette
3rd slip receives 5 complimentary salads from Lane 5

Please contact the AD team at if you have any questions about our March Wellness Bingo challenge.