Chardonnay Semillon blends are popular for making dry white wines in parts of Australia. This blend brings together two of France’s most respected (and most widely planted) wine grapes: Semillon from Bordeaux and the Loire, and Chardonnay – Burgundy’s flagship white. Despite their local popularity, the two do not share any appellations in France itself, and the blend remains decidedly New World in character.

Currently listed on our wine list is the 2019 Tyrrell’s Vat 63 Chardonnay Semillon from Hunter Valley, which just so happens to be Bruce’s favourite wine.

Semillon, for its part, is not known for its fruitiness and generally relies on chardonnay to add tropical flavours to the blend. Semillon adds an angularity to chardonnay’s bold frame, as well as nut and straw flavours. Achieving good levels of acidity can be a challenge to winemakers of this style, particularly in warmer climates, and this is where Bruce comes in, he wanted to soften out the chardonnay (back in the 80s when it was super oaky) so he added the Semillon.

Overall, this is a medium-body white wine with 65% chardonnay and 35% Semillon, perfect to go with our featured dish – Fernando’s favourite: Grilled king prawns with confit baby roma tomatoes, confit shallots and black olives! The hint of oak in this wine enhances the flavour of this smoky dish even further.

To enjoy this classic blend, please contact the team at to reserve a table.