By Committee Member Matt Braithwaite- Young

The first Business Forum for 2023 had the group on fire as the team brainstormed and predicted a range of likely and unlikely-but-impactful events in 2023. This time in 2024 we will revisit and see where we hit and where we missed.

After a delicious breakfast and the usual amazing service by Cinzia, the team left better prepared for the year with a range of wildcards discussed – from the coming AI reckoning to interest rates and international affairs.

One member commented on the usefulness of these conversations for gathering and validating your information and views as the context for business decisions:

“A 1% improvement in decisions from having good information would add up to a big edge.” 

True.  And when you’re able to triangulate your own information with information from other sectors and businesses, imagine the additional confidence you can pick up.

Why Business Forum?

Bring together Members who are business owners or interested in business, commerce and the wider economy to stimulate thinking by sharing information and insights with each other.

Interested in Business Forum Sub Club? 

Give our upcoming Business Forum meet a whirl.

All Club Members are welcome, and it might be a great opportunity for our new Members to get to know this sub-Club a bit better – all you have to do is haul yourself out of bed an hour early.

This time we’ll discuss AAA:  Aviation, Apparel and Agriculture.

Next Business Forum

7:15 am Tuesday 21 March


Arrive at 7:15 am for coffee and breakfast.

7:30 am sharp start and 8:55 am finish – ready for your work day.

– Coffee and Breakfast Orders

– Open & Table introductions

– Member focus industry (we discuss trends in a Member’s home industry or sector)

– Round table industry review (Industry topics: AAA: Aviation, Apparel and Agriculture)

– Planning

– Close

If you have any queries about this event or would like to RSVP, then please contact the team at