By Member Matthew Braithwaite-Young

Tuesday, February 7

Business Forum is the sub-club for you if you’re a business owner or interested in business, the economy and the way the world trades.

As a Tattersalls Member, Business Forum is where you can go to get some altitude and perspective on the business and economy and the odd bit of advice to avoid pitfalls.  You’ll run your business, make your investments, and do your job better than the next gal or guy! The cost? No more than your morning coffee and healthy breakfast.

In the final forum for 2022 BF regular and legal expert, Mickaela Mate briefed the group on the major trends in criminal law. After the “asking for a friend” Q&A session the conversation became a deep dive into cybercrime and its impact on every business in light of the Medibank and Optus breaches. Some members with good visibility behind the scenes advised members to treat the disclosed breaches as the tip of the iceberg and stressed the importance of boards taking cybersecurity action.

Several members also reported back from overseas business trips and shared some, frankly, startling insights into the happenings on the ground in the US and the UK. In short, whatever you think of the prognosis for 2023 is very likely to be a bigger rollercoaster than you have in mind. The Business Forum members will be well-positioned to see what’s coming and respond with clarity.

At Tattersalls, we’re very lucky to have such a breadth and depth of knowledge to share with friends and the Business Forum is a great example of a sub-club ethos: Honour et Amicitia in action. Although this has been a covid-affected year for Business Forum, it is becoming clear there is a real interest in these discussions amongst new and old members alike and we look forward to a belter in 2023.

It’s time for the first Business Forum Breakfast session of the year.

Next Business Forum: Tuesday, February 7 at 7:15 am for a 7:30 am start.

1. Introductions and Updates
2. Round Table Topic: Business Predictions for 2023
3. Monthly Topics: Geopolitical Risk and Your Industry, and Healthcare and Aged Care Industry/Sector Update

Please contact the team at to RSVP for this event.