Everyone should be doing Pilates!

Sorry if that comes across a little strong, but that is how passionate and sure the team in the Athletic Department are about the benefits and wonders of Pilates! What started out as a rehab-based exercise in the 1940s has transformed into one of the key pillars of training. Pilates is a full-body [...]

Everyone should be doing Pilates!2022-05-12T16:04:38+10:00

More classes to help you on your fitness journey

With lots of us returning to the city, the team in the Athletic Department want to make your journey into the city worthwhile. That’s why we have now added an additional two classes to our already extensive timetable. Starting Tuesday, February 22nd we welcome Adela to our timetable leading Pilates at 18:00 on a [...]

More classes to help you on your fitness journey2022-05-04T17:37:24+10:00

Athletic online ramps up

We are continuing with some class favourites and have added numerous live classes for the coming week. This is available for you to access as our guest, and an opportunity to try something new! Zuzanna, Hilke and Malcolm will be on hand to keep you positive in the week ahead. All classes will run [...]

Athletic online ramps up2022-05-04T17:38:12+10:00


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