Staff Christmas fund opens

As Chairman, the generosity of our Members has always been a source of pride. I am equally as proud of our team, and it’s very satisfying when that generosity is directed to and acknowledges our fine staff, who continue to serve us with enthusiasm and great care, maintaining the high standards of service [...]

Staff Christmas fund opens2022-12-01T14:26:17+10:00

Vote for the 2022 Club person of the year

Club Person of the Year recognises those individuals who have contributed to the Club in an exceptional way. Nominations for Club Person of the Year reflect that spirit and many years of association and service. They are often heartfelt and warm reminders of the friendships and camaraderie forged out of the connective power of [...]

Vote for the 2022 Club person of the year2022-12-01T14:20:12+10:00

Annual General Meeting Reminder

The Annual General Meeting of Tattersalls Club will be held at 17:30 Tuesday 13 December 2022 in the Member's Dining Room. Please note that we require a quorum of 30 Members. Your attendance is appreciated and will be recognised by the Chairman's shout following the meeting. If you are unable to attend in [...]

Annual General Meeting Reminder2022-12-01T08:50:04+10:00

The Art of Gift-giving with Tattersalls

'Christmas that doesn't come from a store, means a little bit more'. With this notion in mind, let us help you put a little extra thought into your gifts to your loved ones this holiday season with our Chocolate Wheel prizes and gift vouchers. The Club's Chocolate Wheel is designed to be the ultimate [...]

The Art of Gift-giving with Tattersalls2022-11-24T17:47:17+10:00

Inviting all Sub-clubs for the Christmas feast

It’s that time of year when we gather to look back at the year and celebrate. As in previous years, our Members have enjoyed this time in the Club together over some wine and the wonderful food created by our team in the Kitchen led by Head Chef Fernando. This year is no different, [...]

Inviting all Sub-clubs for the Christmas feast2022-11-16T11:12:02+10:00

The Hanrahan Glover cup challenge begins

The Hanrahan- Glover cup is named after the two members who used to attend just about our every group fitness class. This prestigious cup is awarded annually to recognise the Member who participates in the most classes in the last four weeks leading up to the Members' Christmas party. The challenge this year starts [...]

The Hanrahan Glover cup challenge begins2022-11-16T11:18:20+10:00

2022 Club person of the year nominations are open now!

With less than a month to our Members' Christmas party, it's time to nominate for the Club person of the year 2022. This award is an annual event and its objective is to give our Club the opportunity to formally recognise the achievement of excellence of Members' contribution to the Club. CRITERIA FOR NOMINATION: [...]

2022 Club person of the year nominations are open now!2022-11-16T13:45:59+10:00

Remembrance Day at Tattersalls Club

The Clubs archives, give insights into the past, the following link provides the story behind the Club's memorial plaque. Please see a link to the magazine here.  THE CHAIRMAN (Mr. S. E. Chatterton), in welcoming the Governor, said: “This Club has reason to feel proud of the number of its members, and the families [...]

Remembrance Day at Tattersalls Club2022-11-10T14:24:43+10:00

Member access to the finest sporting experiences in Sydney returns

One of the many benefits of being a Tattersalls Club Member is the relationships you can harness within the Club and through our partnerships. One such recent instance is that the Club has fortunately secured a partnership again with Venues NSW. Whilst access is not guaranteed for all sporting events on the calendar, it [...]

Member access to the finest sporting experiences in Sydney returns2022-11-03T17:20:46+10:00

Watch T20 World Cup in the Members Bar

The 2022 ICC Men's T20 World Cup is the eighth ICC Men's T20 World Cup tournament and it is being played in Australia from 16 October to 13 November 2022. The series has been really intense so far and is keeping the cricket fans on the edge of their seats. If you aren't able [...]

Watch T20 World Cup in the Members Bar2022-11-03T16:01:10+10:00


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