Today we are celebrating our Member Mr Justin Hanby who has been with Tattersalls for over seven years now and is a committed attendee of our Athletic Department.

While talking about his experience at the Club, Justin mentioned “Sometimes I show up feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, but when I leave here I am galvanized”.

Exercise is the most important part of his life (besides his family), and he adds that, ‘We all know how good we feel after working out, we walk taller, we feel better and our energy levels are amazing’.

Certified with an exercise science degree, Justin knows more than most about how the body works, and thus he is a firm believer that there is a clear link between exercise and mental health.

Working as a criminal lawyer in a high-stress profession, Justin understands the long-lasting impact of exercise, and how it helps structure his day.

Justin has been a competitive swimmer since the age of 7, and as a creature of habit has always focused on the importance of following a committed fitness regime in his life, as a result, you can find him in the Athletic Department five days a week, where he focuses on either working on his technique and stamina or pushing himself in the weights. Besides the Athletic Department, Justin comes to the Club for the camaraderie and brings in his infectious laugh.

Bringing forward the impact and learnings of October known as the Mental health awareness month onto November and continuing the conversation about the gravity of mental health and well-being, we want to acknowledge those who make a difference.

Justin has taken on some of the toughest and biggest swims (including ocean swim challenges) in the world to help raise funds for the Black Dog Institute who strives to create mentally healthier lives through innovations in science, education, clinical service, public policy and knowledge translation.

“As a criminal lawyer, I see the impact of mental illness every day. I’m inspired to raise awareness of mental health issues in our community, as well as funding for the Black Dog Institute, so they can continue to help people who are suffering”- Justin Hanby.

Click here to read more about the Black Dog Institute’s mission and to make a donation to support this incredible initiative.

Much like the story you previously read about Mr Charlie Robinson and Mr Jon Michel, today we profiled Justin for this article to celebrate him and to show the diverse range of Members who call Tattersalls home.

Tattersalls strives to be a place where great things happen.  We take pride to provide an atmosphere of a tight-knit community based on the values of Honour and Friendship, where we love to celebrate the success and achievement of our Members. The only way to strengthen this bond is to participate more and let us be the voice that shares your experiences, stories and accomplishments with the wider community.

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