17:00 Thursday 15 December

Tattersalls Christmas Scramble is one of the enduring events on the Club’s swimming calendar. Our digital archives suggest that this challenge first started in 1927 and soon became a festive tradition.

Once gaining momentum, this event has seen quite a lot of celebrity participation as well over the past years like the Hawaiian swimmer and Olympic Champion Duke Kahanamoku in 1956 and many more.

Unfortunately, we had to put it on hold these past two years due to Covid, but it is back this year and will be held at 17:00 Thursday 15 December right before the annual Christmas party.

In this challenge, swimmers will nominate a time for 50mts (any stroke that they would like) and will be pitted against the clock only, whichever swimmer swims closest to their nominated time will win the 2022 Tattersalls Scramble.

This event is designed so that everyone can get involved without any restrictions, and will help round out another successful year for our swim squad.

Registrations for this challenge are now open, please contact the AD at athletic@tattersallsclub.org to confirm your participation.