In a heartfelt handover by the incumbent Club Person of the Year, Peter Joseph, three very worthy nominees were highlighted for all that they contribute to the Club.

It was a very tough competition, and the victor was the ever-humble Mr John Edstein.

This year John was our dual contender, nominated for both Club Person of the year as well as Sports Person of the year award.

John a member of over 40 years fulfils each of our criteria with credit. His regularity of attendance, enthusiasm and general standing are all exemplary. John’s focus is devoted to Athletic activities but when it extends to other subsidiary clubs or functions, he is an eager and devoted contributor. His involvement in and contribution to the Zoo-to-Zoo cycling tour was highly regarded both inside and outside the Club.  John is always open to provide direct and valued professional advice to any member who requests it and to management when required.

During his acceptance speech, John spoke about how his journey at the Club began, highlighting the Club’s values being passed across generations. He mentioned that his dad Mr John Barry Edstein joined the Club in 1960s, and how he often used to accompany him to the Club to spend more time together, soon he encouraged John to sign up for Membership himself.

And in 2017, history repeated itself when John passed on the same values to his son Matthew Edstein and proposed his membership. We look forward to Matthew someday doing the same for his kids.

Congratulations John on your award of Club Person of the Year for 2022.