Expression of Interest – Friday 02 June at 13:00

If you have been in the Athletic Department on a Thursday morning lately you might’ve seen a handful of people embracing the ice baths on the pool deck.

Despite thousands of years of Scandinavian cultural norms it was Wim Hof who brought the ice bath phenomena to Australian shores with gusto and now features in the Tattersalls Club every second Thursday.

With the benefits of ice baths including a reduction of muscles soreness and inflammation as well as increasing mobilization and flexibility it is something that everyone needs to experience.

Each participant has a 8 minute window to focus on their breathing and mindfulness while submerging themselves in water ranging from 7 to 9 degrees.
Following the ice bath members are then treated to a warming glass of herbal tea and directed towards the sauna and steam room to complete the wellness treatment.

With popularity being  high on Thursday morning the sessions are always fully booked, because of this the club is sending out an expression of interest for a lunch time ice bath session on Friday 02 June 13:00.

The session will run for 60 minutes and we see it as the perfect way to start your weekend preparations.

If you are interested in joining us 60° South, please email with your preferred time (booking are made on the 10-minute window).

Once we have your booking the Athletic team will email you the recommended breath work and some information for you to read over to prepare for the ice baths.