By our General Manager Des Mulcahy

Winston Churchill said there are those that see challenges in every opportunity and those that see opportunity in every challenge.

Over the last several years we have all had a good serving of challenges and an equal serving of opportunity. For Tattersalls it was a period that I will remember as one where our loyal and committed team pulled together supporting each other and taking the weight of a pandemic on their shoulders, all the while remaining loyal to the Club and our members.

During this time, it was widely publicised that restaurants across Sydney struggled to cope with the shortfall of labour and the Club was no different. We brought through people with decades of experience, some in Sydney’s most established restaurants, but the pressures of the last few years still weighed heavy, and the wheels kept coming away from the tracks.

I’m proud to work with a team that has standards and represents the values of Tattersalls Club and who go beyond their duties to provide for our members. In keeping with the Churchillian theme, our team have shown a real spirit of the blitz.

Where I saw the kitchen as a challenge, one of our team saw it as an opportunity. A blank slate ready for a chef with a culinary imagination. Proactive, creative & responsive Fernando rose to every challenge dealing with the now and always looking to the future.

And for that, he deserves to be our 2022 employee of the year. Congratulations Fernando and best of luck for the year ahead building on the strong foundations you have built.