Most of us have the dream of completing one marathon in our life. Some of us might even try two but there’s no limit to what our November Athletic Department Member of the Month (AD MOTM) winner desires to achieve. This year itself Mr Richard McGrath has completed 12 marathons covering an impressive seven of them in the last six weeks.

He is popularly known as the ‘Marathon Man‘ at the Club as this man with a plan aims to eventually complete a marathon in every state of America, for which he has added six more states to his list of accomplishments in the last six weeks including the Chicago Marathon, The New Hampshire Marathon, Baltimore Marathon, Atlantic City, North Carolina Tobacco trail marathon as well as New York City Marathon, and for good measure a quick trip to Germany to complete the Berlin Marathon.

The amount of training and discipline needed to complete one marathon is intense, to say the least, it really puts into perspective how determined and disciplined Richard has been over the past few months.

Richard has the best stories and experiences to share from his runs but says that North Carolina now holds a special place in his heart as he ran in the American autumn in perfect weather conditions (picture shared on the right).

Richard also shares that not all went as planned, as he had to walk in a few stages of the marathon, but still, he managed to complete all seven while enjoying the local sights.

Based purely on the past six weeks there’s no doubt that it won’t be long until Richard finishes the remaining states in the USA (which is less than ten), and when he does, Tattersalls will be here to celebrate his success.

Richard is now running for 2022 Sports Person of the Year.

From Richard’s North Carolina run