The three Tattersalls teams competing in the City Houses squash competition are flying!

The newly minted Tattersalls 3 team is coming fifth in their competition, ably led by Ollie Silverton and Peter Dunoon, the team includes Steven Radford, David Smith, Ryan Fletcher, David Thackery, Marco Anselmi, Oscar Austin, and Hugh Stackpool. And they have played brilliantly. The recent 16-12 win over the Royal Sydney team catapulted them into the fifth position and they are looking at a top-four finish and are semi-final bound.

The Tattersalls 2 team (last year’s Grand Finalists) including Harry de Souza, William Yeo, Oliver Quach, Alex Shields, Ben Griffiths, Peter Aslan, and Steven Radford sit a snug 4th in the competition, they have a strong run into the semis and look the goods!

The Tattersalls 1 team, including Aleks Krajcer, Brian Graham, Neil Harvey (Ryan Fletcher again) and Nigel Robinson sit 5th in their competition. The team has been hit by (old age) injuries and thank you Ryan for helping!

Beyond the City Houses Squash Competition, Tattersalls founded the Golden Balls Cup, commencing on the 19th of July at Royal Sydney, followed by Uni & Schools, Killara Golf Club, and the final round at Tattersalls!

Come down on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening to watch some squash and everyone is welcome to come for a hit and join in. See you on the court!

If you are interested in Squash and would like to get more involved reach out to