With the last eight weeks before Christmas, we want you to save the key dates for the end-of-the-year Athletic Department events.

16 November to 16 December- The Hanrahan Glover cup:
This award is presented at the Tattersalls Christmas party to recognize and award the most active group fitness class Member of the year, that is, the Member who has attended the most Tattersalls fitness classes during this one month from 16 November to 16 December.

As in the previous years, we will count the Members on Zoom as well, although it’s always better to have a face-to-face class in the AD!

28 November  to 2 December – The Worlds Greatest Relay:

This event starts on Monday 28 November and runs for five concurrent mornings at 6 am over a range of disciplines as previously discussed.

2 December: The Worlds greatest celebration:
The celebration lunch for the World’s greatest relay, as well as the Run Club. This will take place in the dining room starting at 13:00. This event celebrates all our Members who have participated in the World’s Greatest Relay, as well as a chance to present the Tattersalls Run Club Member of the year.

9 December- The Christmas Blade:

The ultimate test of endurance and stamina. This event pits rowers against rowers for a “structured” 20min row challenge to see who can get to their nominated distance first.

15 December- The Tattersalls Scramble:

Tattersalls Scramble is hosted annually by the swim sub-club for all the Club Members. It was unfortunately on hold for the past two years due to Covid, but it is fortunately back this year and will be held at 17:00 before the annual Christmas party on Thursday 15 December.

Swimmers will nominate a time for 50mts (any stroke that they would like) and will be pitted against the clock only, whichever swimmer swims closest to their nominated time will win the 2022 Tattersalls Scramble.

This event is designed so that everyone can get involved and will help round out another amazing and successful year for our swim squad.

The AD team has a jam-packed event calendar planned for our Members before this year ends, so if you have any questions regarding any of the above please don’t hesitate to reach out to the AD Team at athletic@tattersallsclub.org.