The holiday season is just around the corner with Halloween, Melbourne Cup, office Christmas parties and then the month of December filled with joy and festive vibes.

The best thing about the holiday season celebrations is the feasting, especially when you get to satiate your sweet tooth.

French desserts are quintessential for this time of the year and Chef Fernando has added his delicious Apple Tart to the menu to kick-start the festive season started at your Club.

Tattersalls is currently baking up the Parisienne Apple Tart served with vanilla ice cream. If you cannot remember the last time you saw an actual apple tart at a bakery, it is because it is more of a home baker’s staple. Maybe because it has a more honest, rustic look which makes it more approachable to home bakers.

The charm of this dessert lies in its imperfections, the more bumpy and rustic the tart looks, the more flavoursome it feels in the mouth.

Another splendid fact about our popular french dessert is that it’s a free-form tart, so you can take a much more relaxed approach to enjoy this dessert rather than worrying about making a mess.

As you can see in the photo, here is fellow Member Greg McMahon enjoying the apple tart every single Friday without fail, it really is that delicious!

To enjoy yours today, contact the team at to book a table.