Wine couple Brendan and Laura Carter from Unico Zelo have aimed at producing Italian-inspired wines with Australian examples of Mediterranean varieties. One of their sustainable creation is the literal Fresh A.F. wine you will have ever tasted. 

This 2021 iteration of Fresh A.F. is undeniably their freshest and finest from Unico Zelo. This wine is a blend of Nero d’Avola & Zebibbo from Riverland in South Australia. The 2021 vintage has seen a tweak in the blend itself, the winemakers have dialled down the Zebibbo grape to 15%, to allow the Nero to be the star of the show.

Not only is this the perfect end-of-winter slurper built for chilling down and drinking with gusto, but it is also delicious to consume at the beginning of spring – because of such heat and dry conditions in Riverina, a complete underdog region that epitomizes what it is to craft fine wine on the edge.

The couple’s intent is to showcase products to the rest of the world that embrace Australian native ingredients and pay homage to the indigenous custodianship who maintained the land for thousands of years. They seek Australian identity in the products they craft, and their hope is that these Australian stories can one day be heard on a global scale. And you can help them by enjoying a bottle.

Although you could easily gulp down this fresh bottle on its own, even so we have found its perfect match, that is, our featured dish of the week- fresh egg linguine. The antioxidants in light bodied red wine along with the great source of fibre and B vitamins in a bowl of pasta are the perfect accompaniment. So please contact the team at to make a reservation.