Get to know the faces behind the desk, the bar, and the phone.

There is no doubt we have the best Team in the world at the Club, so let’s dive in to learn some more about our Staff.

Name and position: Cinzia Della Corte, and I work in F&B and Accounts at Tattersalls.

How long have you been with us: It’s been seven months since I started working at the Club.

The best thing about Tattersalls Club: I feel very lucky and grateful to be working at Tattersalls Club. Members have made me feel so welcome, and the Team too, I work with a great Team who bring their own gifts and skills.

I was given an opportunity to learn a new skill altogether by working in the Accounts department. It has been challenging but I have learnt so much in the time I have been working here. The support from the team has been amazing.

Along with this, I work in F&B which is my passion and my love. It brings a smile to my face when Members and Guests tell me that they have had a great time at Tattersalls.

How do you relax outside of the Club: Spending time with my family and looking after my parents is at the top of my list. Apart from this, I absolutely love the arts: theatre, musicals, operas and ballet, and I am quite fond of reading and gardening.

Of course, I do enjoy relaxing with a nice glass of vino after a long day too!

What’s your go-to fitness mantra: “I trust my journey. I don’t need to be perfect; I just need to do the best I can.”

I really enjoy jogging, and I recently took up Latin dancing as a part of my fitness journey.

What influence are you having on the Club this week: Not just this week, but every week I give my best to the job that I do.