By F&B’s Esmond Kwan

Get to know the faces behind the Desk, the bar, and the phone.

There is no doubt we have the best team in the world at the club, so let’s dive deep into the club and learn more about our staff.

Name and position: Esmond Kwan, but most Members call me Es or Ezzy, and I work in the Food and Beverage department.

How long have you been here: Just over 6 years now. I started on 8 Oct 2016.

The best thing about Tattersalls Club: Every day is different, you’ll never know who will walk into the Club, and what you’ll be talking to them about, whether it’s wine or whisky, or even how you haven’t seen them in such a long time. And especially listening to Members’ anecdotes of either the Club or their personal journey.

How do you relax outside of the club: I like to travel and go sightseeing with my selfie stick just so I can annoy Mario. But I am equally happy to just chill at home and enjoy his cooking.

If I really want to relax, I will dog-nap any doggos and take them for a walk in the park.

What’s your go-to fitness mantra:  I know my physique may look like I don’t go to the gym or do any fitness, but I do lift – I lift a glass of wine for dinner every night.

What influence are you having on the club this week: Every week I try to engage all Members to enjoy as much food & wine as possible, hoping they see Tattersalls as the vernacular of all things food & beverage everywhere they go.