Get to know the faces behind the desk, bar, and phone.

There is no doubt that we have the best team in the world, so let’s dive deep into the Club and learn some more about our staff.

Name and position: Jasmine; I am the fitness instructor for Athletic pilates, normal pilates and boot camp group classes. Along with this I also take personal training sessions and work at the Athletic Department desk.

How long have you been here: I have been at the Club for four years now.

The best thing about Tattersalls Club: I know everyone says this but it has to be the people. The Members we have in the Club and also the staff I get to work with. Everyone is so kind and supportive and it’s just a great environment to spend my days in.

How do you relax outside of the club: I love listening to podcasts especially Mind Pump, a fitness-related Podcast that I suggest everyone listen to, watching TV and doing Pilates either Reformer or Mat.

I am also really into building Lego, the more pieces the better I feel!

My fitness mantra: Working out for longevity. Sure if there’s an event or specific goal, like the World’s Greatest Relay, I will adjust my training accordingly, but in essence, I’m all about consistency over the long term.

I’m aiming for three to five days of training per week: three days of full-body resistance training and one to two days of Pilates. I plan these into my schedule each week as my non-negotiables. Even if it’s just 20 mins and working on one specific movement.

This consistency week after week really compounds over time.

What influence are you having on the Club this week: I’m taking over the music this week for different classes, get ready for some pop beats!

I’ll also be putting the finishing touches on the World’s Greatest Relay – we have made some minor tweaks to ensure this is the most challenging (but best) relay ever.

Please contact the team at to book a personal training session with Jasmine.