By Events Coordinator Josefa Lorca

Get to know the faces behind the Desk, the bar, and the phone.

There is no doubt that we have the best team in the world at the club, so let’s dive deep into the club and learn some more about our staff

Name and Position:  Josefa Lorca and I have recently moved to the Events Coordinator role. You may have previously seen me in the Athletic Department as your Yoga instructor.

How long have you been here: Four months

The best thing about Tattersalls club: All the people you get to meet. Everyone has been super welcoming, not only the staff but the Members too. I have to say that I feel very lucky working with the team I am with, as well as the diverse culture of the Club due to which I was able to internal promotion from the Athletic Department to the Events team. It’s been a challenging but the most rewarding experience.

I am overjoyed to be a part of the Club which offers endless opportunities, where you can always find something new to learn and grow.

How do you relax outside of the club: Yoga is a big part of my weekly routine, and I try to practice it at least two to three times a week. Apart from that, I am a huge fan of comedy shows, so I always make sure to watch comedy specials to light up my day, and on sunny days you will always find me by the beach reading a book or listening to podcasts (Enric Corbera’s show is my therapy).

What’s your go-to fitness mantra: A healthy diet is the key to your fitness goals. So I always make sure to eat healthy food on a daily basis . So I always make sure to eat healthy food on a daily basis and focus on my food while I’m eating (the worst habit people have is to work, or watch TV or are on their phones while eating). Also while I eat, I never restrict myself to anything.

Just make sure you are giving your body the good stuff and if you want to have a cheat day, go ahead and enjoy it!

So I guess my go-to fitness mantra will be “Don’t diet, Eat smart”

Please contact Josefa at for all your events enquiry or if you would like to book a 1 on 1 yoga session.