We all need to enjoy ourselves and the Christmas and New Year holidays give us the perfect time to do this, but balance is the key to life.

So for those looking to start 2023 right and get their health back on track, then here are some top tips from Tattersalls’ in-house nutrition expert Kerie:

  1. Do not allow feelings of guilt to creep in:  Do not restrict yourself with food after the holidays. Do not try to kill yourself by adding more exercise to your normal exercise routine in the hope that you will undo all the ‘damage’. Instead, get back to your normal routine. Every day add a healthy habit back into your routine, for instance, increase your water intake.
  2. Grocery shopping: Get it done, get back into cooking your meals at home and limit your meals out. This puts you in control of the food you consume and more importantly what goes on your plate.
  3. If it’s not in the house you won’t look for it: Those extra bottles of wine, chocolates, and chips you bought for the holidays for guests or family members should be used up and not let back in. If you don’t have it accessible in the house, you won’t consume or look for it.
  4. Daily non-negotiables: Set yourself three daily non-negotiables. For example, if you are starting to increase your resistance training then you should focus on increasing protein consumption in your diet, and another could be to increase your vegetable intake.
  5. Fill your plate with colour: The more colour on your plate means the more vegetables and fruits you consume. These are known as macronutrients and are an essential building block of nutrition.
  6. Plan in advance: Plan your week in advance, and ask yourself how can I make my life easier this week, What meals could I prepare in advance, What can I batch cook that would last for a few days or I could freeze? or What can I bring to work that will stop me from eating out?
  7. The rat race that never started: When you initiate a new nutrition plan, everyone always wants to start on Mondays or in this case ‘I’ll wait until the New Year, or you couldn’t possibly start your diet halfway through a Thursday. Nope, not possible.
    Let us tell you, it is possible. There is nothing different about Monday, and the only thing that allows you to make changes on a Monday is that you view it as the beginning of a new week. If you wait for the stars to align before you start you will be waiting forever (well technically waiting until the year 2854, so best realign your dietary expectation than wait for the stars to align).

Simple changes to your nutritional habits along the way will get you back on track. So don’t wait to start on a Monday!

Kerie is an accredited nutritionist and personal trainer. For more information regarding her nutrition consultation services or training plans, please contact the AD team at athletic@tattersallsclub.org.